Learn from BBNaija, Uba urges politicians, lecturers, others

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A Political Analyst, Mr Vincent Uba has urged Nigerian politicians to learn lessons from the popular television reality show, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) and translate it to the political scenario.

Uba, who is the National Coordinator of No Alternative to Tinubu 2023 (NATT 2023), spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday following negative criticisms that usually trail the show every season.

He said rather than focus on negativity, Nigerians especially the politicians should pay attention to the integrity of the votes for the housemates.

“The irony is that those who condemn the Big Brother Naija show do heinous things far more than what they condemn about the show in their private and secret lives.

“Truth be said, the show has always portrayed integrity in their affairs all through the duration.

“The organisers usually make sure that the housemates voted for by the public are the actual winners, as against the political scenario where people are always in the habit of wanting to manipulate and subvert the will of the people during elections.

“Critics should hide their faces in shame and stop castigating the BBNaija show, which has shown example and the way in making sure that the wish of the masses counts.

“Some lecturers, employers of labour, top management personnel and heads of agencies who allegedly subject their victims to all manner of vices like sex, bribery, etc, before passing exams, employment/job placement, promotion, etc, should learn from the BBN show.

“Organisers of the show conduct the affairs in a free, fair, just and transparent way to announce winners without resorting to nepotism, tribalism, favouritism and other discriminatory tendencies,” Uba said.

According to him, those who are quick to condemn the housemates for exhibiting conducts that bother on their bodies and dresses, should be concerned about their own actions first.

“We should stop attempting to remove the logs in someone’s eyes when there are big logs in ours; we should stop throwing stones at others when we live in glass houses.

“Is it not said that “those who want to go to equity must go with clean hands”. In Nigeria, we engage in all manner of corruption and cheating and still think we have moral scruples to condemn others.

He, therefore urged those in positions of authority to see the positive of the show and emulate it for the betterment of the society.

Uba noted that the show had helped to fashion and develop skills in some of the housemates and also made some of them popular, entrepreneurs and employers of labour.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria