Mbumba urges traditional leaders to embrace economic projects

WINDHOEK: President Nangolo Mbumba has called on traditional leaders to embrace development and economic projects, even if some of these projects may seem unfamiliar to them.

During a meeting with leaders of the Daures Daman Traditional Authority at State House on Monday, Mbumba noted that three years ago, the concept of green hydrogen was unfamiliar in Namibia.

Today, Mumba said the emerging industry has demonstrated economic potential, while citing the Daures Green Hydrogen Village as an example. This project is expected to come into operation in July 2024 and expected to produce renewable energy, hydrogen, and ammonia.

Mbumba said traditional leaders have a role to play in economic activities including availing land to new projects in their jurisdictions.

‘That is what all of us are doing, trying things we have never seen before, we have never done before. But if those things are bringing development to our communities, to our constituencies and our country, let’s try them,’ the president said about av
ailing land to investors.

‘So we should not doubt that what we are trying to do is somehow a mistake, the land they can never take it away. They can do a few things on it but they will never take it away.’

Chief Zacharias Seibeb of the Daures Daman Traditional Authority accompanied by the management of the Daures Green Hydrogen Village including its chief executive officer Jerome Namaseb, paid a courtesy visit to President Mbumba. They briefed him on the progress of the green hydrogen project in the Erongo Region.

Chief Seibeb explained that, although he was unfamiliar with the concept, the Daures Traditional Authority made a decision to allocate 15 000 hectares to the green hydrogen project.

‘I had to put my hand in the darkness for my community and Namibians at large, this because green hydrogen was not known to myself or Namibia. But [the] little I heard from the young Namibians was not a risk or threat to the environment and the communities,’ he relayed.

‘This programme is designed to enable Namibian
s to be part of the green hydrogen as introduced to us by our partners in the project. During many consultations we had, we were excited about this new development which we foresee to bring about the much needed opportunities in the area,’ the chief said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency