NSI consults Omaheke on National Standardisation Strategy

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The Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) held a consultative meeting in Gobabis on Tuesday to discuss the proposed National Standardisation Strategy with its different stakeholders.

The National Standardization Strategy is a need-based guideline document that identifies key priority sectors for standardisation needs and through its consultations, NSI aims to gather data that will be used to compile the National Standards Plan.

Officiating the meeting Karukirue Tjijenda the Omaheke regional Development and Planning Director in a speech delivered on his behalf expressed gratitude to the National Standardisation Strategy Task Force for having worked tirelessly in responding to the national request to coordinate the development of the National Standardization Strategy document.

‘I would like to convey my gratitude to all international, continental and regional partners for their continuous financial and technical support in the realization of this enormous project on behalf of the Namibian government in genera
l and the Ministry of Industrialization and Trade in particular, he noted.

The National Standardisation Strategy development as part of the broader National Quality Policy implementation is a positive government intervention that highlights its strategic intent and commitment in pursuit of quality excellence and enhancement across all sectors of the Namibian economy,’ he said.

Tjijenda noted that by being the National Standard Body for Namibia, the NSI would continue to promote standardisation of commodities for the safety of consumers, protection of the environment and improved access to global markets.

The National Standardisation Strategy Task Force Secretary, Nelson Tjihozu, highlighted that consultation is very important and participation from stakeholders is also very crucial as this helps in the implementation of strategies.

‘We are in the process of developing the National Standardisation Strategy, thus, you are the ones to tell us in your specific sectors and sub-sectors or fields what your prior
ities standards are from the Omaheke region,’ he indicated.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency