Parliament advocates use of technologies for women’s empowerment

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The acting Speaker of the National Assembly, Américo Cuononoca, considered this Thursday, in Luanda, the technology sector as a strong tool for women's strengthening, leadership and socioeconomic empowerment.

Américo Cuononoca, who was speaking at the opening of the workshop under the motto "Women, information and technologies", said that the technology sector is strategic and transformative, and can make women and girls more resilient to the remnants of patriarchy.

In this perspective, the official underlined that the participation and empowerment of women must be multidimensional and interconnected.

"We cannot talk about societies improvement without talking about progress in the status of women and girls, linked to innovation, technological and educational changes in the digital age", he stressed.

To him, globalization has brought new challenges and struggles, the discussion of which is urgent under the risk of producing new forms of women's subjugation in a crucial dimension of the digital revolution.

The deputy referred to the need to guarantee the full participation of African women in the development of the continent, as partners on an equal footing, as well as to create a theoretical and practical mechanism to reveal several inequalities that exist between men and women, which need to be overcome at all levels.

The meeting took place in the National Assembly (Angolan parliament) and was attended by women parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)