Trade Fairs a gateway to international markets: Sinimbo

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Trade fairs can help businesses gain global recognition and access to invaluable information about services and products that can enhance their productivity and expand their reach, Deputy Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Verna Sinimbo, has said.

Sinimbo was speaking during the official opening of the 15th edition of the Okakarara Annual Trade Fair on Thursday.

The deputy minister emphasised said the event serves as a platform for various commercial prospects, showcasing technological advancements across multiple economic sectors. She said it has evolved into a hub for networking, marketing, and the exhibition of various locally produced goods. It also presents a unique opportunity for local farmers to promote their livestock.

“The Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade is actively seeking market access options for our domestic products, both domestically and internationally. Numerous initiatives have been launched, including the retail charter, which enables Namibian products to secure shelf space in local retail stores,” she said.

She further noted that through the Okakarara Trade Fair, creative agricultural enterprises have been discovered that use new agricultural technologies, while it is constantly aiding these businesses to secure their growth and sustainability in the face of common agricultural development challenges.

Furthermore, the trade show aims to facilitate access to new and improved technologies for farmers, facilitating their transition from subsistence farming to agribusiness. This transition is vital for enhancing productivity, food security, and reducing poverty in the region.

“The Okakarara Trade Fair provides a platform for farmers to forge connections and network with various agricultural business partners. We urge you to learn from leading breeders to enhance your ability to scale up production and compete effectively in this highly competitive market,” Sinimbo said.

The Okakarara Annual Trade Fair started on Monday and is scheduled to conclude on Sunday.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency