UNAM Foundation prioritising construction of academic hospital

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WINDHOEK: The University of Namibia (UNAM) Foundation is prioritising the construction of an academic hospital for the training of medical practitioners and for enhanced access to quality care for Namibians.

The construction will cost an estimated N.dollars 1.9 billion, the UNAM Foundation Brand and Fundraising Project’s Executive Director, Bernadette Bock, said during the launch of the project here on Wednesday.

Bock said Namibia is challenged by limited specialised care, healthcare workforce shortages, gaps in training and research, and unequal access to quality medical care, which warrants the construction of an academic hospital.

‘I think it is a well-known fact that unfortunately we still experience unequal access to quality medical care, so the solution the university proposed for this is to pioneer state-of-the-art medical infrastructure,’ she said.

Bock explained that the university hospital will conduct applied and basic scientific research based on Namibia’s health challenges and will use cuttin
g-edge technology and therapies.

She noted that the expected impact is improving healthcare standards, skills development and employment creation, as well as increased community health services through outreach programmes and advanced medical research technology, innovation and medical services specialisation.

According to the strategic development projects booklet issued the total estimated cost for the construction of the academic hospital is N.dollars 1 972 065 233 (USD 105 065 420).

At the same event, UNAM’s Vice Chancellor Kenneth Matengu said the foundation aims to promote and facilitate the development and achievement of higher education objectives as a non-profit organisation.

‘To achieve this, we need support which includes investing in UNAM through the foundation… No support is ever too little; every donation has the potential to make an immense impact,’ he said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency