About Us

The website of Namibia News Digest has been made to cover the both the domestic news of Namibia and the news from all across the African region. That does not mean that we do not cover the news from other regions. The website enjoys its unparalleled reputation of being unbiased while publishing the news of any sector. As far as the different online Namibian news websites are concerned, so our website is ahead of them and that is because of our highly professional staff, which does not compromise on the standards of the journalism. We also make sure that the news on our website does not consist of any hidden agenda as we think that will go against of our distinguished reputation.

In the news industry the thing which turns out to be the reason for debacle for any online news website, is its credibility which is accused of being not trustworthy. This is we consider most when it comes to maintain the reliability of our website, as far as publishing the authentic news on our website is concerned. News is not our property and that is what the teachings of journalism teach us, which also helps us to understand that it should be published as it is without spicing it up, which many other news websites do in order to get the ratings by any means.

The Namibia Press Releases is one of the most acquired services of our website by the owners of businesses from all the sectors, as this website is the right platform than other news websites offer, in terms of grabbing the right audience for the businesses. We also encourage the owners of startup businesses to use our platform for the purpose of submitting their press releases and get recognized internationally. The reason to come up with that sort of service for the businesses was to facilitate them in order to boost up their businesses and make their loyal customers from all across the world.

In the news industry, a news website has to manifest its existence on many different websites of social media since the arrival of social media. For getting the instant feedbacks regarding the news on our website, we have to rely on social media sites. We do not only get the feedbacks from our readers through social media websites, in fact, we give them a sense that they are also the part of our team by encouraging them to give their valued suggestions regarding our news website. In order to stay informed about different social, political and economical events, you can opt for the services of our website such as daily email news alerts and RSS News feeds.