Nghitumbwa and Moses shine at Namibia Professional Boxing Awards

WINDHOEK: Namibia’s bantamweight boxer Fillipus ‘Energy’ Nghitumbwa and boxing promoter and trainer Immanuel Moses were on Saturday bestowed with boxing’s top honours at the inaugural Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) Awards.

The awards saw the who’s who in the sport of boxing gather in one place to celebrate their achievements.

Nghitumbwa from the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing Academy outclassed his fellow boxers to win the Boxer of the Year award as well as Knockout of the Year.

And Moses, the founder of AC Boxing was awarded as Promoter and Trainer of the Year.

Both walked away with N.dollars 40 000 each.

Addressing the audience and boxers who attended the glamorous black tie event, chairperson of the NPBWCB Magreth Mengo said despite this being the first award event, they are looking at building a culture.

‘Sport is one way to teach young people discipline. It has the power to build comradeship. The awards celebrate the power and journey that boxers, trainers and s
ponsors have walked to put the sport in the limelight,’ she said.

Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer at Mobile Telecommunications Limited said more needs to be done to support promoters as boxing is an expensive sport.

‘These boxers whenever they step in the ring, they’re promoting our country. I hope there is going to be unity in boxing after the awards. And we should not worry much about who should have been nominated or not, we should look at this as an encouragement and motivation for boxers to work hard so that next year they are nominated,’ said Ekandjo.

Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero spoke on the same occasion and said she was happy to see the board starting something for professional boxing.

‘Boxing is more than just punching, it’s a legacy that is passed through generations. The awards are more than just a celebration but a catalyst that shows growth as well as avail sponsorship opportunities,’ said Tjongarero while adding th
at the award embodies the unwavering support of the third Namibian President Hage Geingob’s famous quote that no one should feel left out.

On the night of lights, cameras and glamour, Namibia’s legendary boxer Harry Simon received the chairperson’s award which came with a prize of N.dollars 30 000.

Namibian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Kavii Zemburuka won the Digital Reporter award and The Namibian newspaper journalist Helge Schutz won the Print Media award – each came with a prize of N.dollars 10 000.

The Ring Official of the Year award went to Fillemon Mweya who also scooped N.dollars 10 000. The awards had a special recognition for Paulus Ambunda, Anita Tjombe, Julius Indongo, Nestor Tobias and Paulus Moses who each walked away with N.dollars 5 000 for their contributions to boxing.

The Fight of the Year award went to Alfeus ‘Mosquito’ Shaanika who was rewarded with N.dollars 10 000 while the Prospect of the Year award which came with N.dollars 10 000 was awarded to Flame Nangolo.

Former boxers a
nd officials acknowledged with certificates are Joseph Hilongwa, Sacky Shikukutu, Abmerk Shindjuu, Paulus Ali Nuumbembe, Paulus Moses, Jason Naule, Harry Simon, Japhet Uutoni, Joe Archer, Siegfried Kaperu, Joe Murangi, Paulus Kapia, Hiskia Swartz, Tyson Uushona, Tommy Hango, Gottlieb Ndokosho, Johannes Mwetupunga, Paulus Ambunda, and Frans ‘Rambo’ Hantindi.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

Moses ||Garoëb tries to bridge information gap on government assistance programmes

WINDHOEK: In a concerning revelation, the general population in the urban informal settlements is largely unaware of government small business support programmes and training initiatives for young people.

Despite the government’s efforts to roll out various support programmes aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, many people in Windhoek’s informal settlements remain unaware of these opportunities.

The lack of information regarding such initiatives has left aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in these areas at a severe disadvantage.

Although Windhoek informal settlements like Havana and Goreangab have long been hubs for entrepreneurship, certain business activities are oversaturated.

And the lack of information further causes many young people including those who did not do well in school to miss out on training opportunities provided by various government ministries.

To bridge this knowledge gap, on 28 February 2024, Moses ||Garoëb Constituency councillor Stefanus Ndengu with a delegation pai
d a visit to Lucia Iipumbu, the Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, at her office.

On Saturday, Ndengu and members of the constituency development committee held an information-sharing meeting with the business community at the constituency office in Havana.

Ndengu said they sought to provide feedback about the visit to the ministry and share with the community information about government support programmes.

‘We decided to go to the high authorities to get information and bring it to you, to help you improve your business and go into business. We have seen how much you are suffering when it comes to information. You might have registered a business, but you are sitting at home because you do not know which door to turn to or where to start,’ Ndengu said during the well-attended meeting.

The councillor spoke about various support programmes of the industrialisation ministry, such as the equipment aid scheme for small and medium enterprises. Ndengu said his office is going to share information about t
he ministry’s gemstone cutting and polishing training for this year.

Minister Iipumbu recently revealed that about 300 young people between the ages of 18 and 35 have been trained so far under this programme at its centre in Karibib. And that at least 90 per cent of this group have found employment in the diamond polishing and cutting sector.

‘The 2023 cohort has just graduated, and out of 24 graduates, we can report that 22 are about to start their employment within the diamond cutting and polishing sector. We are about to advertise for the 2024 cohort to apply,’ according to the minister.

Also speaking at the meeting, was the youthful councillor for Windhoek West Consituency, Emma Muteka. She called on the youth of Moses ||Garoëb to believe in themselves and take business risks.

‘Information is very important, but the main problem is that the youth want information to come to them. We don’t stand up and go look for information. You can even come to the office and ask the councillor for specific informat
ion. We need to keep motivating young people to start walking toward information,’ Muteka said.

However, efforts to bridge the information gap must include translating information into local languages. ‘That information needs to be translated in the sense that everybody is included and that it is inclusive for everybody to understand,’ said Muteka.

According to entrepreneur Talapombanda Mulunga, the oversaturation of some business activities in informal settlements is due to a lack of information and innovative business practices.

‘Tourism is one of the businesses we can initiate. I used to take foreign tourists to Babylon and Havana and bring them to the Soweto Market and Single Quarters. So this is another business our young people can think of as one way of income generation,’ she said, adding that women can also venture into childcare services.

Councillor Ndengu meanwhile said Minister Iipumbu has agreed to meet with the Moses ||Garoëb Constituency business community next month to provide more informa
tion about the ministry’s support programmes.

He added that he and members of the constituency development committee would be visiting other ministries and government agencies to learn more about government assistance programmes to inform people in his constituency.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

Women have the responsibility to grab opportunities presented to them: Frederick

||Kharas Governor, Aletha Frederick said women should understand that they have the responsibility to grab opportunities presented to them to ensure that gender equality continues in the country.

Frederick was speaking at the belated commemoration of International Women’s Day at Aussenkehr on Saturday – the day is commemorated on 08 March each year, this year it was celebrated under the theme ‘Invest in women, accelerate progress’.

‘We do not necessarily need to be pushed by someone else to grab opportunities that are presented to us, you should have the willingness to grab it, because people will not be there forever, let us push ourselves and grab them because you will never know if you can do a certain task until you try it,’ she said.

Frederick urged ministries, agencies and the private sector to ensure that continual capacity building takes place for women, citing that as Namibia is moving towards the fourth industrial revolution which involve technology, women should not be left behind but must be ca
pacitated equally with men.

‘For us to build an equal society, we must start investing more in women’s leadership, health, education and economic development. Women have the ability and capacity, it is not that we do not have these things, we do, we just want equal opportunities to showcase our talent, to help and assist men so that society is not only built by men but both men and women,’ she stressed.

Also speaking at the event Aussenkehr Primary School principal, Susanna Kadhikwa said it is important that women take up responsibility to ensure that they contribute to the achievements of developmental agendas such as Vision 2030.

‘Vision 20230 is around the corner, it is watching us, what did we as women do to implement this sustainable development goal, what do we do when it comes to poverty, zero hunger, providing clean water and sanitation, quality education – are we working towards that vision. If we want our voice to be heard and our cries to be answered, let us invest in one another, only then will
we accelerate progress,’ she said.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency

Teen allegedly rapes woman after buying her alcohol

A 19-year-old allegedly raped a 24-year-old woman after buying her and two other friends alcohol at Omuntele village in the Oshikoto Region.

The Namibian Police Force crime investigations coordinator in the region, Deputy Commissioner Titus Ekandjo on Sunday said the incident happened on Friday around 20h00.

‘It is alleged that the suspect was with the victim at the Omuntele location together with her two other female friends, then the suspect bought alcohol and they drank together and while drinking, one of the ladies told the victim that the suspect wanted to talk to her,’ reported Ekandjo.

He said that after a short while the victim went to the toilet, and the suspect followed her into the toilet where the victim was rescued by two men who were present there.

‘After that, the suspect, victim, and two female friends went on their way home till they reached the victim’s house and the victim went into the house and collected cooked beans and gave them to the suspect and friends,’ reported Ekandjo.

He sai
d the two friends left but the suspect remained behind, after that he grabbed the victim but she overpowered him and fled and the suspect chased the victim up to the neighbours’ mahangu field.

‘The suspect grabbed her again, stripped off his clothes, and laid her on the ground and the victim screamed for help but nobody came to her rescue and the suspect managed to have sexual intercourse with the victim under coercive circumstances,’ reported Ekandjo.

The victim afterwards ran into the neighbour’s house to report the matter.

It is further alleged that the suspect offered to pay her N.dollars 200 to have sex with her.

It is also alleged that the suspect bit her on the cheek and arm whereby she sustained open wounds.

The suspect was arrested and he will appear before the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Monday on a charge of rape and assault as the investigation continues.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency