Collaboration and networking crucial for success: Itope

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Erongo Governor, Neville Andre Itope, has emphasised the importance of collaboration and networking for success in a fast-paced and interconnected world.

According to the governor, there is a need for Human Resources (HR) managers to foster a sense of community, facilitate meaningful dialogue and build bridges that enable the sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge.

Itope was speaking at the opening of the two-day Institute of People Management (IPM) conference in Swakopmund on Monday.

The 13th IPM conferencd, held under the theme: “Unleash-Inspire-Connect”, is being attended by 140 registered HR professionals from across the country, with the aim to ensure integrity and professionalism amongst all those who chose to serve the profession.

“By connecting people, you create an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, drives growth and propels organisations towards a prosperous future. By leading with passion and purpose, we can inspire those around us to go above and beyond, to push boundaries and to continuously strive for excellence,” Itope urged.

The governor commended the attendees, noting that their presence is a testament to their commitment to personal, professional growth and dedication to creating thriving workplaces.

President and founder of IPM, Tim Ekandjo, said the conference is being held outside Windhoek for the first time in a bid to unleash the potential of all HR professionals across the country.

“We recognise that we cannot expect to unleash anybody’s full potential if we do not inspire them to become the best they can be and importantly, connect them by making an impact on the many lives we serve across various organisations,” he said.

The event, which will close off with a gala dinner, will have over 15 speakers from Namibia and from across the globe.

A new leadership team will also be elected over the next six months.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency