GIPF opens Regional Office at Outapi

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The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) opened a new Regional Office at Outapi on Monday.

Speaking at the event, Vice Chairperson of the GIPF Board, Evan Maswahu, said the Outapi Regional Office, an investment of N.dollars 6 million, resulted from the Fund’s commitment made in 2022.

Its construction phase, he said provided job opportunities in addition to the employment opportunities for the full-time GIPF employees.

‘Since the inception of the Fund, we have set deep footprints that are visible through our 11 regional and four satellite offices spread across all 14 regions, meeting the needs and expectations of our members who are not all based in Windhoek but span across all corners of the country,’ he said.

He noted that the Outapi office is a result of the fund’s strategic intent and mandate to provide retirement and ancillary benefits to its members and beneficiaries, which can only be achieved through regional presence and visibility.

Meanwhile, in his remarks, Omusati governor Erginus Endja
la said that through its investments, the GIPF has not been a stranger to the region as this is not the first time that they have benefited from the generosity of the GIPF.jala said: ‘To date, the region has benefited approximately N.dollars 67.4 million through the First Capital home loans scheme for civil servants.’

He added that the membership base of the GIPF currently stands at approximately 97 512 active members and an additional 40 197 pensioners, spousal and children beneficiaries, thus necessitating the opening of the new offices nationwide.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency