Green hydrogen projects to commence

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Presidential Economic Advisor and Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe says Namibia will soon commence with the construction of various pilot projects under the Green Hydrogen Strategy for Namibia.

Speaking on Tuesday at the opening of the National Green Hydrogen Conference, Mnyupe said four projects, namely the Daure Agriculture Project, Namport Logistics Application Project, Cleanergy Refuelling Project and the TransNamib Logistics Project, will commence in the Erongo Region following the availing of 30 million Euros by the German government (N.dollars 500 million).

The Cleanergy Refuelling Project will see tugboats being converted to use hydrogen dual fuel technology, converting of the existing port equipment to operate on hydrogen dual fuel technology, and developing of green hydrogen bunkering and refuelling infrastructure at the port, amongst others.

There will also be construction of a green hydrogen refuelling service station in Walvis Bay, which will consist of a five megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar system, a five MW electrolyser and a green hydrogen refuelling station.

“The purpose of the plant is to test technologies, to develop off-take applications within the transport sector, mining sector and port activities and to facilitate technology transfer and skills development into Namibia. Building upon the lessons learned with the pilot plant, a second phase with a bigger commercial plant, including ammonia production, is planned,” Mnyupe said.

He added that the Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel Locomotive Pilot Project from Walvis Bay to the Kranzberg corridor will see 50 locomotives converted to green hydrogen dual fuel.

“The project will cost 7.63 million Euros (N.dollars 127.69 million) and will involve CMB.TECH, the University of Namibia, Hyphen Technical, TransNamib, NGHRI and Nicholas Holdings as project partners,” he said.

The Daure Green Hydrogen Proposal is envisaged to realise the production of green hydrogen and ammonia and utilisation of its derivatives.

“It will also aim to sustain production of green hydrogen based on renewable energies, establish a green scheme programme for ammonia nitrate crops, cater for storage and transport of green hydrogen, ammonia and related derivate, while integrating and applying technologies for utilisation of green hydrogen in agriculture, ammonia nitrate and cleaning detergents,” he explained.

The Green Hydrogen Conference will continue on Wednesday and will see various topics being discussed, including the state of the hydrogen market today and the importance of international cooperation in developing the hydrogen market, amongst others.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency