Agra Implements Account and Fuel Cards

Agra has embarked on implementing an account card for current account and fuel deposit account holders.

As part of Agra’s continuous efforts and inputs to enhance good customer relations and secure shopping, the cards will serve to improve control and reduce the risk of fraudulent account and fuel purchases, the company says.

The cards will facilitate account purchases by creating an identification tool at point of sale.

As from 1 September 2014 all credit purchases or pre-paid fuel account purchases will require the presentation of the respective card(s) at the point of sale, where after verifying the card holder’s identity through positive identification the transaction will be processed.

The fuel card may only be used for fuel purchases and is limited to the credit balance available at time of purchase.

Nangolo Mbumba and his wife Weiltrud Mbumba, who are farmers and loyal clients of Agra, paid a visit to head office to collect their account cards.

“This gives us much more peace of mind, knowing that nobody can just go to an Agra branch and buy on our account,” they said.

Source : New Era