Chasing the Dots – Might, Right and Ultimately Flight? [opinion]

I look at recent losses to humanity, Simon K, Aaron M, Joan Rivers, Uncle Buddy amongst many and try to see what those talents they brought to this planet have left us, or more to the point, subsequent generations.

I also look at our increasingly unkind world where people, jobs and free time have been sacrificed to the more obedient monster, the robot, and the magnificence of our wondrous computer and communication systems. All in the name of efficiency and all that.

What we seem unable to produce is personalities and leaders who are able to rise above all the hype and technology and inspire the younger generations to greater things, mainly because in our current world we seem unable to find greater things than wealth and power!

Where once there were ideals to aim at, heroes to follow and emulate and doors that could be opened by skill, ability and sheer hard work, such ideals have now been removed from the equations of life and replaced by access to the quick-kill world of political, and hence financial, wealth through subservience and an existence beyond the law under political protection through continuing access to cash and legal systems that favour such behaviour!

The net result is that our world has turned into a monster with over 90% being pushed over the years from access to work and at least a basic existence into either total poverty or the modern form of slavery! This while the other 10%, and more specifically the top 1%, have cornered all the financial resources.

Worldwide, the youth and under 35’s, are now being cut out of the financial world as economic growth is producing fewer and fewer jobs above the slavery level of the fast-food outlets. It is therefore unsurprising that there is a rising level of discontent and desperation among the youth.

The question that has to be raised, and in my view it is already rather late, is: What have we done wrong to tract the majority of the world’s youthful populations from mere poverty into abject slavery? Those young people are now at boiling point as they are made more and more promises, but receive fewer and fewer opportunities from those in power.

Is it therefore surprising, especially with our aanced ways of communicating, rapid transport systems and a glut of sophisticated arms, that groups are emerging where a small but maybe significant number of youth have reached the end of their patience, especially those from wealthier countries with access to financial resources and sympathetic home communities?

In this light, the “Islamic State” (IS), Boko Harem, Al-Qaida and many other such militant organisations, all in competition and having a similar purpose, are making money and gaining power. While I have no sympathy whatsoever for their motives, methods or other madnesses, I can understand why desperate young persons are being caught in this net.

I also have severe doubts about the ‘Islamic base’ and the ‘jihad’ label as part of their marketing strategy. I suggest that there are other such groups supposedly representing Christians and others in the pipeline and this will be our future world. Ouch.

The reality is that our world, once heading for a global vision, is rapidly redividing into smaller groups and elements of significant power through position, wealth, outputs and many other factors that are required to satisfy people through repositioning themselves on the world stage.

The Ukraine, I believe, is just a pimple in this process, but the quick removal of Crimea from its control, whatever the rights and wrongs of this, has given an indication of what is possible when playing the cards “right”! The rise of IS and similar movements are further demonic signs in the sand. Our world, once plodding along happily, with the cold war keeping the peace, is now undergoing a trauma of our own generation in the form of the marginalisation of the masses in order to benefit the few. This madness has now reached the end of the road.

For the sake of survival, peace, adequate paying work for most, and freedom with responsibility, our world has to change. In this I believe Europe, Japan and the US have already moved to a more self-centred approach in order to protect their very existence in a world where that is under threat. And yes, they have already accepted that the world of growth by all means is now in the past and that their once exuberant and arrogant existence have to be toned down for their new reality.

Asia, especially China with its aging one-child hangover and coming demographic changes, is already moving into a similar position to the above powers, and all that is left, are the growing hubs in Africa, Asia and South America as sources of new markets and labour. And this is Africa’s future strength, both as a supplier of labour and a massive market for goods – if managed wisely by the coming generations of younger politicians and businesses that actually produce!

Failure means Rights will go, Might will rule and Fights will erupt!

Source : The Namibian