Coastal Kidnapping Suspects Granted Bail

Three suspects, 25-year-old Logan Pretorius, Ashley Andre Januarie and Curven Vries (both aged 20) accused of kidnapping and assaulting three minors at Walvis Bay last month, were granted N$2000 bail each after a lengthy bail application that saw the accused spend 18 days in custody.

Magistrate Andre Matulich granted bail to the trio on condition that they should not interfere with police investigations, state witnesses or contact the complainants and their parents.

The three suspects alongside a fourth suspect, the 18-year-old Sandra Riobo who was released earlier this month on bail, stand accused of allegedly kidnapping and assaulting three cousins, 15-year-old Carlos Mukuve, Levi Goreseb and Edward Goroseb, both 14-years-old in Meerisg.

Pretorius, Januarie, Vries and Riobo allegedly kidnapped the three minors on August 28, after they suspected them of having being responsible for the death of one of Pretorius’ breeding dogs, and for allegedly wanting to steal two other breeding dogs from his house at Meersig.

Pretorius and his co-accused allegedly chased the boys with his car and took them to his house in the Meersig residential area, where they reportedly assaulted and detained the minors for over six hours.

Allegations are that the boys were assaulted with various objects and they were also bitten by one of Pretorius’ dogs, before they were released.

The boys alleged they were beaten with boxing gloves, given salt water to drink and had pepper smeared in their noses and eyes which caused them to vomit.

During the lengthy bail application proceedings, Pretorius, a dog breeder testified that, he saw the boys opening his gate and he suspected they wanted to steal his dogs.

Prior to the incident of the opened gate, he allegedly came home and found one of his puppies had died due to strangulation.

Dorothy Mukuve, who is Carlos’ mother, told the court she believes her son was telling the truth as he is still very traumatised by the ordeal.

The suspects are being represented by Aocate Shakespeare Masiza, while Prosecutor Faith Nyaungwa is representing the state.

The case will continue on Octoberb 09.

Source : New Era