Dark Clouds Hang Over P-Square Show

FANS are still reeling in shock at the thought that one of Nigeria’s most popular acts, P-Square, might not make it to Namibia.

This is after a report in the Namibian Sun stated that the Namibian High Commission in Nigeria had rejected the visa applications of Peter and Paul Okoye, who make up the group.

In true Namibian style, people took to social media networks to voice their concerns over the possible failure to bring P-Square’s show to Namibian crowds. Some even went as far as demanding that refunds be given to all those who already bought their tickets.

The visa restrictions come in the wake of strict measures put in place to limit the entry of people from Ebola-hit countries to Namibia.

The article in the English daily alleged that the Nigerian High Commissioner to Namibia, Biodun Nathaniel Olorunfemi, confirmed that the visas were rejected in Nigeria.

Organisers of the event, however, denied any knowledge of this, and were still in the dark this afternoon.

Sula Kyababa, who is part of the organising committee, said the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration has not communicated the status of P-Square’s visas to them.

“We are citizens like you. We are also in the dark and we have no information on whether the visas were declined or approved,” he said.

Whats more distressing, he said, is that organisers found out about this through the media.

“We will keep you in the loop though as soon as we have an official communication. A press conference will be held to tell you what’s going on,” Kyababa explained.

Despite the conflicting information coming from authorities and organisers, P-Square seemed delighted about their upcoming show. Responding to tweets from upset Namibian fans, Peter Okoye said they would still be coming to Namibia.

He, however, did not mention anything about their visa application.

Public relations officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Salome Kambala, said the article in the Namibian Sun still holds water.

“We issued communication to our embassies in countries affected (by Ebola) that we are not allowing people from those countries to travel to Namibia, unless the World Health Organisation confirms that the disease is contained and that it is safe to travel”, she said.

When asked about Nigeria’s women’s football team traveling from Nigeria for the African Women’s Football Championship, to be held in Namibia from 11 to 25 October, she reiterated that no travelers from Nigeria will be allowed in to Namibia.

Source : The Namibian