Diamond Theft Suspect Died in Car Accident

ONE of the suspects in the theft of a flawless 78-carat diamond which went missing from a Namdeb safe at Oranjemund has died, The Namibian has established.

Reportedly, the diamond went missing during a recent two-week long strike by Namdeb workers.

The workers downed tools on 2 August after wage talks between MUN and the company management reached a stalemate.

Namdeb had allegedly first probed the diamond theft internally before the police took over the investigation.

A source indicated that the suspect, only known as ‘Beef’ recently died after a “second-hand” Mercedes Benz he was driving overturned on the way to the North.

Karas police deputy commissioner Rudolf Isaaks could not confirm the report of the suspect’s death.

Isaaks could also not be drawn into giving details on the progress of an investigation into the gem’s theft.

“The investigation is at a very sensitive stage, therefore I cannot reveal any information,” said Isaaks. Many people are puzzled on how the chicken egg-sized diamond could have gone missing from a high security office, which is monitored by satellite and CCTV.

Isaaks could also not give the diamond’s value.

“The valuation is not done yet. The expert who does it, is apparently out of the country,” said Isaaks.

In 2011, a huge 78-carat rough diamond, billed as the most significant find in the 13-year history of Canada’s Ekati mine, was auctioned off in Belgium for more than US$6 million (about N$66 million).

Source : The Namibian