Lischen Scoops Windhoek Lager Arts Ambassador’s Award

One of Namibia’s most successful young female radio station managers, Dj and MC, Lischen Khachas, has been appointed the 2014 Windhoek Lager Ambassador for Arts.

Lischen (26) who was competing against top names such as well-known Tanya Stroh from Spoken Word, and Actress David Ndjavera, was pleased to share her excitement with Youth Corner.The Otjiwarongo-born art lover says winning the award was a real thrill to her and a very special honour that will stimulate her to continue doing best in life. “Winning this award was definitely a very big surprise for me. I had my doubts but everything is possible. Receiving the recognition was such a platform and definitely very humbling and honouring. I am truly humbled,” she says with a smile on her face.

She adds what made her won the award was the inspirations and the fact that people recognised her, as an achiever who pushes through circumstances to rise above as well as being a young ambitious woman who never gives up on her dreams. “I believed I won because I am not a person who is afraid of challenges. I motivate others to be the same, all the time and also because I am a believer who believed in working hard and helping others to achieve their goals,” she says.

“Well! I have always been passionate about arts, and especially music, ever since I was young. I tried steering in different directions but I was always brought back to it, arts. I then realised that I can actually gain more skills and thus I found an interest in media, preferably such as radios. I have been working in the radio industry after my studies and doing music on the side, as well as Djing, and coaching young ladies who are interested in the field of arts,” she explains.

Lischen adds that, being a Windhoek Lager ambassador of arts has now opened more doors for her to continue helping other communities in the best way she can. She also says that she will use the recognition to empower young women, especially those who came from bad circumstances and want to make something out of their lives, those who are tortured, abused and those suffering from domestic violence. “I will plough back by giving, not only monetary but educating, encouraging and motivating them to do better,” commits Lischen.

A holder of the Bachelor of Media Arts Technology Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering. Lischen, is a music producer, production technician and a Dj. “I am also a radio presenter, MC, a Dj coach and an ambassador for Special Olympics Namibia. I’m also a volunteer for the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS). I’m also a mother of one daughter,” she reveals.

Currently she just moved to her home town of Otjiwarongo to serves as a Radio Station Manager for a new commercial radio station, Equity FM, that is schedule to open soon. “Equity FM is not only limited to Otjiwarongo residents but to the entire Namibia, it’s a regional radio. Our aim is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the youths,” she says.

Source : New Era