Meriam Is Miss Africa Tourism Universe 2014

Twenty-two-year-old local Top Model, Meriam Kaxuxwena, has been crowned Miss Africa Tourism Universe 2014 last Friday night at Beirut City in Lebanon.

It is not long ago when Meriam brought two awards back home after she competed in the eighth World Miss Bikini International in China recently. “We were 28 international models and I am so happy, I am really proud to receive this title, I am proud of being African and I want to start my promotional work in Africa as soon as possible,” says Meriam. She could hardly hide her pride on how she has improved a lot in the modeling industry since her first pageant when she was just ten years old. “Nine years ago I have been struggling as a model taking part in high school beauty pageants and I have always succeeded being crowned as a winner. I have so much confidence since 2006 when I was so young and got crowned Miss Valentine 2006 and Miss Augustineum High School 2007. I have always believed in myself, that I was born to be a professional model,” says Meriam.

Meriam adds that she came into the limelight in modelling after completing Grade 12 and went for different international fashion weeks’ castings where she was accepted. “My confidence and my professional attitude helped me a lot after doing different fashion shows in London, China, Angola, Namibia, Lebanon and Nottingham… getting a title in China World Bikini Model International as the Best Popular Catwalk Model and Best Complexion Model, and getting Miss Africa Tourism Universe 2014 titles has made me realise that I am really living my dreams since I have always been wanting myself at this level. I see so many bigger things coming my way,” she says.

Source : New Era