Naidjala Too Sharp for Hilongwa

Immanuel Naidjala retained his WBO Africa bantamweight title with a unanimous points decision over Joseph Hilongwa at a packed Windhoek Country Club in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Naidjala dominated the fight from the start and was a comfortable winner, with the three judges scoring it 120-108, 119-109, 117-111 in Naidjala’s favour.

After a cagey start, Naidjala soon found his range with his sharp jab and some quick combinations that had the crowd cheering for more.

Hilongwa kept up a good defence and took most of the punches on his gloves, but did not do much attacking and Naidjala, kept on pushing the tempo.

He caught Hilongwa on the ropes with some quick combinations and although Hilongwa replied with some counterattacks of his own, it hardly put Naidjala off his stride who continued to push the tempo.

In the final rounds Naidjala was clearly on top as he chased Hilongwa around the ring before securing a comfortable victory.

After the fight, Naidjala said that Hilongwa did not want to fight.

“Unfortunately the guy did not want to fight, he only wanted to survive from the first round. I really wanted to give the fans what they wanted, but it seems like he did not want to fight.”

“He wasn’t a problem for me at all. He is not at the same level, I’ve fought for the world title before and he only has 13 fights. I promised him that I’d give him the first loss on his record and I just did that,” he added.

Naidjala’s trainer Nestor Tobias also said Hilongwa did not want to fight.

“The fans came in big numbers, but it’s not our fault, it’s not Imms fault. It takes two to make a fight, you cannot fight on your own. Just like it takes two to make love, you cannot make love if you are alone. The same happened tonight, the other guy did not want to be there, I don’t know why he signed the contract,” he said.

The main curtain raiser saw a shock result as Samuel Kapapu dethroned Martin Haikali to win the WBO Africa lightweight title.

It was not a good aert for boxing as neither boxer made much of an effort, with hardly any useful blows being landed in the first five rounds.

Haikali started to push the pace in the second half of the fight, while Kapapu landed some counterattacks, but there was little action and when Kapapu was announced as the winner on a unanimous decision, the fans were clearly displeased with many booing the result. The three judges scored the fight 114-113, 117-112, 116-111 in Kapapu’s favour.

In another controversial encounter, Abmerk Shidjuu retained his WBO Africa flyweight title on a split decision against Jafet Utoni.

Utoni did most of the attacking throughout the fight, although Shidjuu did retaliate with some good counterattacks in the late rounds when the boxers slugged it out to the delight of the crowd.

Utoni seemed top have done enough to win, but Shidjuu retained his title when two judges scored in his favour 116-112, 115-113, while a third scored 116-113 in Utoni’s favour.

There was no doubting Julius Indongo’s victory, however, as he beat Takudzwa Kuchocha of Zimbabwe on a third round knockout to retain his WBO Africa junior welterweight title.

Indongo sent Kuchocha to the canvas twice in the second round before he finished the job with a hook to the midriff, 45 seconds into the third round.

Sakaria Lukas became the new Namibian lightweight champion when he beat Tommy Nakashimba on a seventh round technical knockout.

Lucas knocked Nakashimba down to the canvas in the second and fourth rounds, and when he cornered him early in the seventh round and pummelled away on the ropes, the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

The results of other fights were as follows:

Simon Shafodino beat Steven Shimbonde on a second round knockout in a welterweight fight.

Nathaneal Kamati beat Noah Ntai on a fourth round TKO in a super bantamweight fight.

Jeremia Nakathila beat Richard Muriri of Zimbabwe on a first round KO in a junior lightweight fight.

Kennedy Kamati beat Erick Kalenga on a unanimous points decision over four rounds in a lightweight fight.

Nathaneal Kakololo beat Domicus Weulu on a unanimous points decision over four rounds in a junior lightweight fight.

Source : The Namibian