Namibian human rights’ organization calls for immediate removal of PG

WINDHOEK: A Namibian human rights’ organization today called for the immediate removal of Prosecutor-General (PG) Olivia Martha Imalwa from her position.

Namrights’ executive director Phil ya Nangoloh told a media conference in the capital today that the PG should be removed because she had allegedly allowed the prolonged torture, unfair trial and ill-treatment of more than 100 imprisoned Caprivi treason suspects.

The high treason trial of over 100 alleged Caprivi separatists is still pending before High Court Judge Elton Hoff at the recently-refurbished court building inside the premises of the Windhoek Central Prison, while the retrial of another group of nine alleged secessionists only began in the same court building last week.

The call for Imalwa’s removal as PG is part of a 58-page-dossier titled “Namibia Dossier Containing Evidence of Complicity in and Impunity for Torture and Ill-treatment”.

It contains real and hard-core evidence of torture and ill-treatment of the alleged separatists, who were all arrested for taking part in the failed attempt to secede the Caprivi Region (now Zambezi Region) from the rest of Namibia on 02 August 1999.

Ya Nangoloh said with the alleged separatists in jail for about 12 years now and the trial not yet concluded, it was obvious the Namibian Government and the PG’s Office have overstepped all human and legal boundaries, and made themselves guilty of gross human rights violations and abuse.

He claimed that these alleged human rights’ violations included Namibian security forces torturing some of the alleged secessionists, and not giving them a fair trial within a reasonable period of time.