NewdMed sponsoring Aids Day fundraiser

ONGWEDIVA; NewMed Holdings is to host a World Aids Day Fundraising Football and Netball event at the Independence Stadium at Oshakati from 03 to 05 October this year.

NewMed is a pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary wholesale company based in northern Namibia.

One of the organisers of the event, Sammy Mushelenga told Nampa on Thursday sports organisers, members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF), and Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Ministries and corporate companies are to participate in the event.

The event also targets tertiary/academic institutions, veteran sport teams and community-based soccer and netball teams.

The football teams are each expected to pay a N.dollars 500 participating fee, while netball teams register with N.dollars 350.

Interested teams are anticipated to register and pay their participation fees before or on the day of the draw, which will be held at the Ongwediva Town Lodge on 02 October at 18h00.

Prizes in the football category are N.dollars 5 000, 25 gold medals and a trophy for the winning team, while the runners-up will receive N.dollars 3 000 and 25 silver medals, and the teams in third and fourth places will get N.dollars 1 000 and 25 bronze medals and N.dollars 1 000, respectively.

The winner in the netball category will be awarded N.dollars 3 000, 12 gold medals and a trophy. The runners-up are to receive N.dollars 2 000 and 12 silver medals, while the team in the third place will get N.dollars 1 000 and 12 bronze medals.

NewMed is sponsoring N.dollars 15 000, trophies and medals towards the event that is aimed at raising funds through sales of food and drinks during the activities for World Aids Day to be observed on 29 November, also at the Oshakati Independence Stadium.