Suzuki Ertige Compactly Large

Seems Suzuki have had a bit of a ponder about their model range and as a result, the clever guys at head office have decided to rework their line-up.

Earlier this year we saw the release of their half tonner Gypsie. A pure bred off road, no-nonsense terrain eater. Now, there’s a seven seater MPV for all your people moving needs.

Suzuki have taken the traditional MPV, large and bulky, and put their Suzuki twist on it: cute, compact and full of promise.

Apart from the bloated rear end, the Ertiga very closely resembles the Swift. Styling is traditionally understated Japanese. There’s some lights, grills and plastic bits, nothing inherently wrong, but it won’t set your pants on fire. It is truly tiny though and hard to believe it houses a third row, but it certainly does. An engineering feat of note. Bland styling or not, that’s impressive.

Inside, the Ertiga sports a two-tone cabin that feels homey and family-friendly. Features are sparse by today’s standards, but that which is there is well thought out with great ergonomics. All instrumentation is easy to use and has a high quality feel about it.

Seating position is great and so is visibility. Some road and engine noise is evident inside the cabin, but not enough to be of concern. 113 liters of luggage is available with all seven seats filled.

Transforming the Ertiga into a spacious five-seater, the luggage space grows to 460 litres. This figure almost double to 810 litres with the second and third row seats folded.

Extras include rear air conditiong, airbags, an integrated audio system and a multi-functional steering wheel. Three trim levels are available GA, GL and GLX, all with varying levels of spec. Base models get aircon, airbags, power steering, ABS and EBD while higher trim levels get you allow wheels, MP3, electric windows, fog lamps, USB and a multifunction steering wheel as extras.

The Ertiga sports a 70kw, 130nm torque petrol motor. Power is adequate for a city hopper but seven up it struggles with steep inclines and overtaking. Power delivery is smooth and the small 1.4 petrol lump revs cleanly up to redline. The motor likes to rev and produces most power higher up in the rev range. Overtaking seven up can be a bit dodgy, but play with the five speed and it becomes manageable. Underpinnings are relatively similar to the Swift which means for solid handling and vibrant feedback through the steering wheel.

The added length does have a slight aerse effect on hard handling, but it remains solid and predictable. Through town and on cruising, the ride is soft and comfortable.

There’s no denying that the Ertiga is a game changer. Nothing on the market offers the same functionality, at this size, in this price bracket. A full on seven seater with aircon is N$160 000. If this sounds like a vehicle you need in your fleet, the Ertiga offers a solid package at a great price.

Source : The Namibian