Walvis Mass Housing employees not happy with late payments

WALVIS BAY: Employees of sub-contractors employed by the Seven Sirs’ Group on the Mass Housing project in Walvis Bay on Friday refused to work due to alleged delays in the payment of their salaries.

This is the second time that payment-related issues interrupted work on the project at this harbour town.

In May this year, the workers downed tools, demanding payment as they are allegedly always paid late, and rarely paid in full.

This was attributed to a delay in the releasing of funds from Treasury to the National Housing Enterprise (NHE), which then has to pay all contractors nationwide so that they can, in turn, pay sub-contractors and their employees.

Last month, Government released approximately N.dollars 220 million to NHE for the housing projects.

A sub-contractor at the site told Nampa that on Friday, the employees decided not to work until they received their money. However, they later agreed to return to work on Monday after being paid part of the money on Friday.