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Chaos at Wernhil taxi rank

news wernhil 01 marchDESPITE the presence of security guards, disorder continues to ensue at the Wernhil Mall taxi rank.
A seemingly mentally ill man who pinches people who

Drought linked to variability

METEOROLOGISTS from the Namibia Meteorological Service (NMS) say one cannot exclusively link the nation’s current drought to climate change and that the concept of variability is the key to understanding

ASE launches new logo

AQUA Services and Engineering (ASE) launched the company’s new logo during an intimate light cocktail dinner held at the Safari hotel on Wednesday this week. Chris Braybrooke from Veolia was the

Support for Karas science project

THE Namdeb Foundation in collaboration with the Anglo American Namibia Foundation held a joint handover ceremony for !Khawagas Science Project last week. Following consultations with the Karas Region Education Directorate of

Reducing academic credit woes

The decision to continue an academic career at a new institution sometimes greets students with undesirable surprises.
During or after the application process, some students report that they discover that

Kazenambo: I don’t have a temper

The former Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture Kazenambo Kazenambo has made the headlines in the country on numerous occasions in the past few years. First came his call for a