Afrox and MANWU sign agreement to ensure sound labor relations between two parties

WINDHOEK: Local gas supply company Afrox and the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers’ Union (MANWU) have signed a recognition agreement to ensure sound labour relations between the two parties.

The recognition agreement was signed by representatives of the trade union and Afrox at a meeting held at the union’s offices in Windhoek yesterday morning.

A media statement issued by MANWU on Tuesday said MANWU General Secretary Justina Jonas signed the agreement on behalf of the trade union, while Afrox’s Managing Director Eckhard Vorster signed on behalf of his company.

This is the first-ever labour recognition agreement signed by the two parties, and will ensure the commitment of the two parties’ management and leadership towards improving and building sound labour relations at the gas-supplying company.

The representatives of the two parties undertook through the signing of this recognition agreement to properly help regulate the working relationship of the employees at Afrox, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement as guided by the provisions of the Namibian Labour Act.

Jonas encouraged the Afrox workers and their shop-stewards to strictly follow the content of the recognition agreement for the betterment of the working relations between the two parties.

Afrox is one of the largest gas and welding products’ suppliers in Namibia.