Anti-Corruption Commission is not a toothless bulldog but an organization: Josefina Nghituwamata

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is not a toothless bulldog but an organization that has been implementing the mandate it was created for, its Chief Public Relations Officer, Josefina Nghituwamata, said today.

Nghituwamata was responding to allegations made by Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) Secretary General, Mohongara Kavihuha during a media briefing here on Tuesday, in which he labeled the ACC 'a toothless bulldog'.

Nghituwamata said a number of cases have been finalised in the court of law, adding that the ACC will continue to invite all to report the corruption allegations they are aware of and give evidence against such corrupt acts.

She added that the court prosecutes with the evidence at its disposal.

The fact remains that fighting corruption in any committed society requires [a] multi-sectoral approach. It is therefore important when one sees all sectors of society demonstrating their resolve to contribute to the prevention and fight against corruption, without blaming or accusing the government of inability to stop corruption, she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency