Berseba Village Council receives disclaimer audit opinion

The Berseba Village Council received a disclaimer audit opinion from the office of the Auditor General (AG) for the financial year ended 30 June 2018.

A disclaimer opinion is given to institutions where the auditors were not able to obtain sufficient evidence to carry out an audit.

The basis for the report submitted to the National Assembly by Finance Minister, Calle Schlettwein on Tuesday revealed that the village council has historical debts with NamWater and NamPower which they were not able to pay.

Berseba owes Namwater N.dollars 3 114 330 and Nampower N.dollars 1 452 349.

The AG Junias Kandjeke also found that medical aid contribution for employees not in compliance with the approved rates.

The AG further found that Government subsidy overstated by N. dollars 490 000.

There are no supporting documents for adjustment journal amounting to N. dollars 849 469 in the bank reconciliation, stressed Kandjeke.

However, the village council indicated a bank overdraft amounting to N. dollars 1 116 668 while the bank confirmed a favourable closing balance of N. dollars 187 530.

The council also failed to disclose depreciation charges for the year under review amounting to N. dollars 1 305 909.

Source: Namibia Press Agency