Burglars Cause Havoc in House

Windhoek — The City Police have warned Windhoek residents to be careful following a sudden spike in the number of housebreaking cases.

Three men were brought in for questioning and profiling, after a taxi driver alerted the City Police of two men who appeared highly suspicious with goods in their possession at the time, asking him for transportation at Susanna Street in Khomasdal. Windhoek City Police spokesman constable Cillie Auala said an officer who attended to the call made by the taxi driver discovered stolen items hidden in the nearby bushes, while the suspects went in search of transportation. When the officers asked the suspects to produce proof of ownership of the items found in their possession, they were unable to do so. It further emerged that after the suspects failed to get a ride with the taxi driver, they were transported by the driver of an Audi, who was eventually arrested with them for driving a ‘getaway’ vehicle and now forms part of the case. All stolen items were recovered and included cell phones and a flat screen television, according to Auala. “The City Police appreciate the taxi driver for reporting this suspicious activity to the police, and urge all members of the public to follow suit. It is only through such joint efforts with the community that crime can be effectively prevented,” she said.