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Wanted: A consumer protection law

I read an article recently where a brotha’ in Walvis Bay bought a used car from a dealer and it broke down a short time later. After enduring monthly payments for a car that’s not working and suffering a nasty

Let the poor co-exist with the affluent

Colonial trajectories had profound implications on the politics and society of many African countries, including other parts of the world that were impacted by colonial occupation. It is for this reason why I find the political sociology of Ethiopia ex...

When Crazies Rule the House

The fact that the USA has partly closed down some of its offices doesn’t affect Namibia at all. But, the next step by selfish right wing crazies in the US Congress will be to vote to renege on international debt

A person of excellence

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the personal standards we set for ourselves that affect the way we go about our lives. I’ve also been wondering about people who never stop striving for excellence and why there are those who

Beyond independence as a negative experience

There is a certain entrenched degree of sameness about the politics of this country, which makes important structural changes almost impossible, unless we experience a crisis of epic proportions. The sameness that I wish to highlight here is a conseque...

High Five, Comrade President!

President Pohamba has taken a bold decision to leave a lasting footprint by way of the mass housing initiative. Initially, most of us thought that this was yet another political pie in the sky; but surprise, surprise, this mammoth housing

Bark-Bark! or yip, yap!

I think little yip-yap wannabe dogs are funny. I prefer real dogs that BARK with authority and move with purpose! A few months ago, something amusing happened involving my neighbor’s Jack Russell Terrier who always hangs over the dividing wall between

MTC unhappy for not granted right of reply

Dear Editor
Windhoek Observer

Your article ‘Locals capable of judging NAMAs’ published in your edition of 30 August to 05 September 2013 authored by your entertainment reporter Faith Haushona-Kavamba has reference.