Education a powerful vehicle for sustainable development: Andjaba

Acting Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Martin Andjamba said, if most citizens can be given training and education opportunities by 2030, it will help drive the vehicle for sustainable development in the country.

Andjamba made these remarks on Thursday, during the graduation ceremony of Namibia College of open Learning (NAMCOL) that took place at a local hotel in the capital.

He said the ministry aims to provide equal access to affordable vocational training and to eliminate gender and wealth disparities with the aim of achieving universal access to a quality high education and NAMCOL have been doing that from the onset which will help with economic advancement and develop the country.

Providing pathways and opportunities to the affected and left behind groups to further their academics studies, starting with secondary education since its inception in 1997 as the college has been able to provide a safe haven to learners from all over the country.

Many people would have otherwise not been able to successfully complete secondary education, with the aim of furthering education and subsequently complete continue high education. In the house of harambee, all Namibians should have an equal opportunity to prosper and NAMCOL have fully answered to this call, said Andjamba.

He added that it will be good to see NAMCOL graduates making a difference in all sectors of development in the country, and the ministry have no doubt that their services are indispensable in supporting the government to build the Namibian house.

NAMCOL director Heroldt Murangi said, about 800 students were awarded with different certificates and diplomas in in 10 different field of studies ranging from community development, local government administration, youth work, early childhood development and so on.

Source: Namibia Press Agency