Ees joins donkey preservation campaign

Windhoek-Social media was abuzz last week when local kwaito musician Ees and the Gondwana Collection released a music video online about Namibian donkeys.

The video was released last Tuesday and showcases Namibian donkeys and their role in Namibian history.

According to Ees, the video aims to promote awareness of the plans by a Chinese company to erect a donkey abattoir in Outjo, and to keep it from opening.

He says the ideas for the video came from the brand director of Gondwana Collection, Manni Goldbeck, with the main aim of saving donkeys.

The donkey has been a faithful and useful companion to people for hundreds of years, hence we cannot let them be killed like that, says Ees.

He adds that the song is an old one by the South African artist Chris Blignaut, and they were granted rights to use it in the video.

The video was produced by Coolbox Cinema and ProStudio, a video company based in Windhoek.

The video footage was all filmed by Prostudio in Namibia. Photos were supplied by Gondwana.

Ees says the reaction of the viewers is totally fascinating, and they have now received over 3,000 online signatures for the petition against the abattoir, at

I strongly feel that we as Namibians should take care of our environment and resources.

Lately, there has been so much bad news about exploitation taking place. Something that should not continue, otherwise it will give children to come no opportunity to prosper, says Ees.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia