Exciting football dominates FNB Classic Clashes

Coastal schools Concordia Kolen Foundation and Swakopmund Secondary football teams recorded wins in the opening matches of the popular FNB Classic Clashes, in last weekend's action.

Concordia College also won their opening match convincingly against cross-town rivals Rocky Crest at the Concordia College field in Windhoek.

Hange Mbaunguraije was the star player for the hosts, scoring the first goal to be crowned FNB Man of the Match. Tjongarero Tjazupo netted the 2nd goal in the 2-0 win, which was dominated by loud cheers from the home crowd.

After the match, a delighted Kaulinge Joseph, head coach of Concordia could not hide his joy. We have been playing Rocky for almost three years and know their game plan. Our plan was to attack the midfielders and when we attacked, we forced their defenders to commit mistakes, which we capitalised on.

It was an exciting match and I would like to tell our opponents that they should keep it up, it's an interesting event as I believe it keeps a lot of kids off the streets.

Man of the match Mbaunguraije stated that his team played very well and believes it was a fair game. To Rocky Crest, just try harder next time. Thank you to FNB Namibia and AquaSplash for helping us showcase our talent, keep on doing it every year.

Kolen Foundation inspirational skipper, Alberto Katiti commented: I think we were determined and ambitious and managed to out-muscle our opponents. It was a fair game. I would like to applaud FNB and AquaSplash for sponsoring us as we look forward to more exciting events.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia