Fight against poverty is to lend more emphasis to vocational training

WINDHOEK: Poverty can only be addressed through artisanship, vocational training and reprioritising vocational training certificates so they can have value and allow people to access jobs.

DTA of Namibia president and Member of Parliament, McHenry Venaani made this call during the opening of the DTA Youth League (DTAYL) congress in Windhoek yesterday.

Venaani said while political leaders are quick to call on the youth to realise their potential and ripen the country’s development agenda, the youth have largely been left to their own devices in this endeavour.

He said the education system has failed the country and remains nothing more than a pipe dream for the majority of those exiting secondary education.

He further noted that the DTA’s suggestion for the fight against poverty is to lend more emphasis to vocational training.

Venaani said the party has observed government buildings across the country lying idle.

These should be used to establish massive vocational training centres so that Namibians who are trained in areas like plumbing and electricity can have access to tenders within their communities as opposed to awarding them to people from outside the country such as the Chinese, he said.