First Agra shares trade on NSX

Mysterious buyer mops up batches

The first batch of Agra shares changed hands this week Tuesday following the recent conversion of the former corporation to a limited company.
In a historic move for the country’s equity market, 110 821 Agra shares changed hands at a price of N$1.70 per share through a deal sponsored by pointBreak under the Namibia Stock Exchange’s newly-introduced Over The Counter (OTC) Market.
The deal, worth just under N$200,000, is the first opportunity for price discovery for Agra’s shares. Following the trade on Tuesday, a buyer also mopped up 131 000 new shares at a price of N$1.68 per share followed by another trade the same day in which 20,000 shares changed hands at a price of N$1.60 per share. An unknown bidder listed a bid for an unspecified number of shares at a share price of N$1.38.