Five injured after vehicle hits cow in Kavango West

Five people escaped death on Sunday afternoon after a vehicle they were traveling in bumped a cow between Kankudi village and Nkurenkuru in the Kavango West Region.

Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Crime Investigations Coordinator in Kavango West Region, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Mbumba told Nampa on Monday.

Mbumba said the five-escaped death after a white Toyota pick-up rammed into a cow between Kankudi and Nkurenkuru causing serious damages to the car, inflicting serious injuries to some of the passengers who were on board.

He said the car was traveling from Omauni to Nkurenkuru via Mpungu- Nepara gravel road at about 20h00 when the accident happened.

The driver of the vehicle was Kazungo Alex Munkanda, 40.

According to Mbumba, one of the passengers Maria Nekome, 26, sustained serious injuries and she was rushed to Nankudu hospital while Lucia Victory,25, Absalom Ushona, 24, and Lyavera Petrus Kasanga sustained minor injuries and they were taken to Nkurenkuru health center for treatment.

He sad a case of reckless and negligent driving was opened against the diver and investigations into the matter continues.

In another similar but separate incident, two police officers survived a fatal accident after their duty car was involved in an accident at Gcundu village in the same region on Saturday.

The incident happened around 22h00.

It is alleged that the two police officers responded to a report of stock theft after some community members reported an unknown driver driving a pick-up loaded with a suspected stolen cow at night and they were in pursuit of the car before they overturned, said Mbumba.

The crime investigations coordinator said the two officers escaped unhurt and it was later discovered that the driver of the vehicle carrying the cow they were in pursuit, was indeed the owner of the livestock.

However, Mbumba said it is against the law for people to move livestock between the hours of sunset and sunrise and anyone found moving such shall be found guilty of such an offense whether it is their animals or not.

He concluded that the two police officers were only identified as Haingura and Kavati.

Source: Namibia Press Agency