FNB Foundation commited over N$11 million

Windhoek: Last week FNB Namibia released its 2014/15 financials and also highlighted work done by the FNB Foundation, which was established in 2002.

More than N$11 million has been committed and handed over to beneficiaries in the various focus areas that FNB Namibia concentrates on. Some of the funds are committed towards the bigger projects over a number of years and this brings the total to more than N$11 million.

Ingrid Goeieman, Manager Sponsorships and Donations at FNB Namibia, gave more details. “The FNB Foundation has numerous major focus areas in which beneficiaries receive monies set aside from the profit after tax every year.

These are community development, health, environmental guardianship, skills development, education, financial inclusion, sports development, as well as arts and culture. Then we also have a donation part from which thus far, for example, the SPCA has benefitted.”

Goeieman went on to say that skills development has been given the biggest portion so far, totalling almost N$2.9 million, while educational development is in second place with N$2.48 million and sports development third with N$2.47 million.

Top beneficiaries for the 2015 year include the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia Rugby Union, Kudus Rabies project, Amos Meerkat schools project, Cricket Namibia, First Astro Turf Namibia and SME Competitiveness Consultancy.

“Other big projects were the Physically Active Youth, Junior Achievement Namibia, Global Leadership summit, Down Syndrome Association of Namibia and in the sports field, tennis, swimming and many more.”

Goeieman adds that Charles Dickens once said that no one is useless in this world, who lightens the burdens of another. The FNB Foundation aims to support non-profit organisations who work towards the development, empowerment and social progress of the broader Namibia thereby lightening the burdens of many organisations and Namibians.

“We are happy to give and look forward to being of assistance for many more years to achieve our dream of a happy, healthy, well-educated and nourished nation and in the words of our President – assist to build a house in which no Namibian will be left out.”