Future bloc on Tuesday convened at the "Center House" under the chairmanship of MP Bahia Hariri, to discuss most recent developments in Lebanon and the broad region.

In a statement issued in the wake of the periodic meeting and read out by MP Mohammed Qerawi, the bloc extended sincere wellwishes to all the Lebanese on the holy festive season.

The bloc considered that the adopted path in seeking solutions for the current political and economic crises, including the government formation crisis, was a path that revolved around vicious circles and discounted the changes witnessed in the country after Oct. 17th uprising.

As the bloc emphasized its position on the government formation issue and its refusal to participate in any ministerial lineup, the bloc warned of the presence of mounting plots to repeat the experience of the year 1998 and its malicious policies.

The bloc drew attention to circulated information about attempts to get hold of the one-third veto power. Future bloc also indicated that influential parties from the custodianship era were interfering in the government formation and proposing names for ministerial portfolios, whose security and political backgrounds are well-known.

On the dangerous developments witnessed on the Iraqi scene and their subsequent repercussions, the bloc stressed the stringent need that Lebanon commit at this stage to the obligations of dissociation and refrain from interfering in foreign conflicts as well as protect civil peace.

Source: National News Agency