Future of Arandis in industry, education and tourism

Arandis is gradually transforming itself from a mining town to an industrial hub.From a dormitory town for the nearby mines, Arandis is gearing up to attract significant investment for multi-million dollar developments. The Arandis Investment Conference and Mineral, Mining and Energy Expo scheduled for 25 to 27 April, has one aim, – to catapult the town onto an industrial stage.
The signs of activity are obvious with buildings going up on both sides of the main road. Always an industrious town, Arandis is now spreading its wings. “Arandis is known for its close relationship with the mining industry, but has much more to offer,” says Town Council Chief Executive Officer Florida Husselmann.
“We see great potential in growing the town into an industrial hub that can serve the Erongo Region and is centrally located between major industry, the ports and the hinterland. With the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) having its main campus here the town is also a centre of excellence for the furthering of education,” she notes. “Our desert landscape and the proximity of several large mines, also open doors for niche-tourism, such as mining tours, eco-tourism, or desert adventure safaris.”