Governor Urges Residents to Keep Small Stock

Kunene Regional Governor Joshua Hoebeb has appealed to Kunene residents to venture into small livestock farming such as with goats and sheep, instead of keeping herds of cattle which are often susceptible to recurrent drought.

“We encourage people to minimise the number of cattle and increase the number of goats,” Hoebeb aised residents of the north-western region.

In an interview on Monday he said Kunene being one of the hardest hit regions by drought received little or no rain at all in some parts this year leaving animals such as cattle suffering the most.

“There has been a little bit of rain here and there. You also find grass here and there but cattle are hard hit. Goats are not affected by this drought because you still find trees and shrubs providing leaves which they can eat,” stated Hoebeb. The most affected constituency is Epupa in the north of Kunene where the marginalised Ovatue people live. Therefore, the governor said, the northenr part of the region in particular is suitable for small livestock farming because there are a lot of trees and shrubs that provide fodder for both goats and sheep.

He however requested government to build more boreholes in the region to supply water for both domestic consumption and for use by livestock.

With the drought relief programme that officially ended countrywide in March this year, Hoebeb said people are surviving even if times are hard. But he said since the region is severely affected by drought, the government is still providing food aid to the marginalised communities through the special programme under the prime minister’s office. “Those who have goats survive on milk. People are surviving somehow although it’s difficult. There are pockets where things are bad especially in the north (Epupa) but people are supporting each other, ” he maintained.

In 2007, Cabinet directed the prime minister’s office to resettle the Ovatue and Ovatjimba communities in the Kunene.

Source : New Era