Industry Loop: Fantasies

From time to time the human specimen entertains its mind with things that are either near impossible or downright impossible. Its human nature. Allow me to share some of my fantasies. A fantasy does not have to be right or wrong. It's your (well, in this casemine) fantasy. You are allowed to fantasise. Perhaps after you are done reading this piece, you will share some of your fantasies on social media.

Imagine a Shikololo come back? In this era where anything but Namibian is cool, we need people like Shikololo to hit the studio again. Shikololo will not come with I got swag nonsense. Shikololo will come with revolutionary lyrics that will talk about the land issue, corruption and lack of funding for the arts and entertainment. Things that you need to hear and find comfort in! On the subject of veterans that may give us a heavy reality check, wouldn't it be something if Dore and Shikololo work on a comeback project?

The pure raw, pun intended lyricisms will blow this country to pieces nuclear style! My hopes and dreams for comebacks does not end with Shikololo and Dore. Imagine an exclusive premier on Whatagwan with a video to an all new and refreshed Eagles Mentality, Rock n JaiCee and Impactus 4? These groups were the coolest on these Nam streets during their time. The cool now is bling, slurring lyrics and I fxxked your girlfriend punchlines. Eagles Mentality was the type of cool that made you proud of your neighbourhood. Rock n JaiCee gave you courage to dance to survive. Impactus 4 could turn any hard-core primitive into a hopeless romantic!

I think Get Lich needs a challengewho better than Luka Baster. If you think Get Lich has presencethan you obviously don't know Luka. Imagine a rap battle to which Luka and Get Lich go back and forth? Just imagine. Matter of factadd Acid Corrosive to the line-up. I would definitely pay to go see that!

I have a dream that Samuele would change back to Qonja. I have a dream that JustRobert would change back to Lo Ski. A dream in which Fresh Family, GS, The Militants, Run N.A.M.S and Alkebulan Connection makes a comeback. A Raphael and Pele comeback would send this whole country into a frenzy! But guess what?

It won't happen. It won't happen because you prefer anything but Namibian. You'd rather go wild over a Pusha T/Drake beef and call an Nga-I/Kwame beef stupid and attention seeking. You'd rather choose to be ignorant regarding Namibian entertainment but follow the South African and American scene religiously. Champaign dzarling, How you dzoingetc.

Maybe these acts will all make a comeback if you find your OLD self that would dance to Killa B any day anytime. Maybe these acts will make a comeback if you find your OLD self that would adore Chi Chi and made it a point to never miss her shows on TV. Your OLD self that would rather listen to radio to the likes of Tafanji, Cheese and Dux. Your OLD self that would rather have Webster and Chrizzo lead as opposed to imports like Somizi.

Let's go back to the culture where we embraced OURS!

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia