Industry Loop: Good Music

What happened to the good old days when one would go to the club for good music? What happened to the good old days when one would listen to the radio the next day hoping the presenter would playlist that new cool song you heard last night at the club? What happened to the beautiful connection radio and the clubs used to have?

These days it seems as if the two worlds are far apart. Music on radio is so different from music in the clubs. What happened? How did this connection die? I remember the days of DJ Paulo who would come from Windhoek to play all the songs we would adore on radio at Club La Coastal in Walvis Bay. Such was the connection between the clubs and radio that one wouldn't dare miss matinee or a radio show. Could it be that the so-called automated playlists on radio are the downfall of that connection because there is no emotion and human connection for the presenter to the music?

The incredible thing was that you wouldn't go to the clubs for anything else but the music. It was all about the music. Perhaps good music at the time would be a thing because one did not really have access to music. Your only source of music at the time was radio and the clubs. Unless you are from a well off family that could afford vinyl or CD. I remember in high school, well-off kids with computers would have all the music and we would pay them to burn CDs for us. Today kids won't understand.

Today it seems that people go to the clubs for anything else but the music. Today its swag, who you can hook up with, violence and alcohol. So much so that people don't even notice when a DJ is playing shxt! So much so that people don't even notice that this DJ has been playing the same songs over and over, and over week in and week out. So much so that people don't even notice that all DJs lined up for the night all come play the same songs the whole night!

Perhaps DJs have become complacent because well, you don't demand good music of them anymore. Perhaps presenters have become complacent because, well, they are not even in charge of music on their own shows anymore. Perhaps you don't even care about music at the clubs anymore. Radio on the other hand have seemingly decided that they are too good for clubs and don't want to be associated with the nightspots anymore. Seldom do you see radio stations partnering with clubs. We need that connection back. It was a healthy connection for all stakeholders. It was healthy for business because as a result listeners were pegged to the radio.

It was healthy because as a result clubs were making money because these listeners would flog to the joints hoping to create moments from their favourite songs they hear on radio. It was healthy because as a result, the most important stakeholder herethe client, the listener would be satisfied! If clubs, radios are doing it for anyone but the client, listenerthan we have undone the foundation created by greats such as DJ Della D, DJ Droopy, DJ Smooth, Charlie 100 and others.

Until the next loop, we say GMTM!

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia