Inner turmoil causes GBV

Negative emotions that have not been dealt with are part of the reason why gender-based violence is on the increase in the country, according to the director of the Trauma Healing Network, Dr. Schalk Botha.

He explained that many people do not know how to deal with disappointments and traumatising situations.

"A lot of people have not learnt how to deal with their emotions. These emotions bottle up and explode causing a lot of damage to people and property," Botha said.

"A lot of people have not built their resilience. This is one crucial problem and it is often not addressed."

Adding on to Botha's opinion, the fundraising and communications manager of the Bible Society of Namibia, Natasja Rust remarked that gender-based violence is so common compared to ten years ago because "the morals of our society have gone down the drain."

She added: "It's normal for men to beat women. There is no more respect and I don't think the Bible is playing a role in our lives."

They spoke to New Era about the impact the Trauma Healing Network has on society in general.

The Trauma Healing Network, which was launched last year, is a registered welfare organisation.

The organisation focuses on emotional wellbeing and building resilience amongst traumatised people in society.

The aim is to have as many healing groups as possible by establishing trauma healing centres across Namibia.

"This project fills the gap by focusing on inner healing using the Bible," stated Rust.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia