It’s good bye from Anglo but not Au Revoir

Mining conglomerate, Anglo American, through the Anglo American Namibia Foundation (AANF),  committed an initial US$3 million in 2009 and a further US$3.5 million in 2010, to social investment projects, and then disinvested its interest in Skorpion Zinc in December 2010.
Yet, the Anglo American Namibia Foundation continues to act as a social investment vehicle for the company. Anglo American is still dual-listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange.
David Bentley, Chairperson of the Foundation notes that Anglo American’s continued Corporate Social Investment (CSI) efforts in Namibia are linked to its overall Group philosophy.
“Anglo American firmly believes in responsible stewardship throughout the mining lifecycle, from exploration through to operation, and finally to closure or in some instances, divestment. The work that the Foundation has completed in the form of development projects will ultimately ensure that previous host communities will continue to socially and materially develop for the better, despite the fact that our company no longer operates there.”