Jury still out on Unam’s online registration

The University of Namibia (UNAM) officially started its online registration process this year with senior students having the opportunity to register their subjects on the web.
Senior medical students were the first to have a whiff at UNAM’s online registration system with their registration taking place from 14 to 18 January. According to Anna Hangula, a third-year medical student, the process was quite smooth. She explains to the Economist her experience registering: “The new registration process is online so one could opt to do it from their homes but its a safer bet doing it from campus in case one needs assistance.
“The system will allow you to register once your account has a credit of N$900 (This year’s registration fee). That’s the main part and everything else is straight forward. Just follow the instructions, print out your proof of registration and voila.”
According to her, the main area that seems to be causing confusion is the payment to the finance department, however once a student is done with sorting out his or her own finances with campus, the process is quick and easy, she added.