Lize Ehlers On Weight and Well-Being

FOR anyone who has seen Lize Ehlers lately, it’s hard not to notice how svelte the artist has been looking. Considerably smaller, with an unmistakable glow to top it off.

Exercise, good food and a healthy lifestyle are what she attributes her fresh new look to. “I stay away from bread and do 30 minutes of Curves workouts on weekdays. It’s taken a year but so far I’ve lost 20kg.”

The Curves workout programme is based on an exercise regime for women, that is meant to fit around their schedules, fitness levels and age. It includes strength and cardiovascular training through hydraulic resistance and one-on-one training.

Despite her weight loss, Ehlers is quick to point out that in the pursuit of losing weight, health should always come first.

“It doesn’t help to starve yourself. It should be a lifestyle change. Since doing it myself, my whole life has changed. I am happier and a more balanced mom.” Being in the entertainment industry, where superficiality sometimes takes precedence, Ehlers admits that people look at her differently. “To be honest, since I’ve got back in shape, I have received a lot of compliments. In the public eye, when you are in shape, people think you love yourself more,” she says. She also admits that there is definitely pressure in the industry to be small.

The sultry singer stresses that emotional well-being is most important. “I was bigger before and I felt uncomfortable in my skin. I have, however, learnt to love myself as we only have one life to live after all. Love yourself, accept where you come from and this will lead to good choices.”

On the professional front, fans can expect Ehlers to drop her third album by the end of September.

She also continues to work on other projects such as Song Night and will also feature in various plays and performances across the board.

Source : The Namibian