LMP youth condems directive prohibiting successful JSC learners from formal school

The Landless People Movement LPM party student and youth command element has condemned the education ministry decision to exclude successful part-time Junior Secondary (JCS), candidates (grade 10) from continuing their grade 11 and 12 through the formal schooling system.

Speaking at press conference here on Monday, the youth leader Duminga Ndala said government is denying the learners their full education, as they are now forced to complete on a part-time basis.

She stressed that the government should find a way to fuse learners into the new curriculum or recruit teachers who can teach them on a full-time basis under the Namibia College of Open Learning (NamCol).

Majority of these learners will be forced in the street and add to the already existing high number of unemployment because the government excluded learners from the system, she said.

On the same note, youth leader Ginola Nauseb disputes the newly introduced curriculum by the ministry, saying that the idea of government increasing vocational training centres is a fallacy as the system on the ground does not accommodate these learners to be absorbed but rather put them on the street.

Equally, Ndala noted that the new curriculum is encouraging rather smart learners to go through to Grade 12 and be admitted at institutions of higher learning as per their requirement.

Those learners stopping in Grade 11 under the new curriculum what guarantee do they have to be admitted in universities, she questioned.

Ndala noted LMP student and youth command element will engage with the Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture soon so decide of the way forward for these learners.

Source: Namibia Press Agency