Mariental to get state-of-the-art fire station

The Mariental Municipality is in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art fire station to the value of N.dollars 4 million that will contribute towards improved service delivery in the area of emergency services.

In an interview with Nampa on Monday, Chief Executive Officer Paul Nghiwelepo said the awarding of the contract to build the fire station was done through the open national bidding procurement process.

The tender was awarded to a Namibian Small and Medium Enterprise contractor James and Young Trading Enterprises Close Corporation. The earmarked practical completion date will be in February 2020, Nghiwelepo stated.

He said the municipality has volunteer fire fighters who will continue to serve as fire fighters.

We will appoint a Fire Chief on a permanent basis who will be responsible for the coordination of the emergency services from the new fire station, he said.

Meanwhile, Nghiwelepo when probed on the servicing of land said the servicing of erven in Ombili Informal Settlement is a continuation of a project to service land in the informal settlements and that inder the current phase it is only the sewerage that is being constructed at a cost of N.dollars 1,2 million.

He also indicated that last year the Shack Dwellers Federation constructed 20 houses, while currently 20 more are being build.

Source: Namibia Press Agency