Mysterious animal kills goats at Alpha village

OPUWO: Five goats were killed by a mysterious animal before it too was killed at the Alpha village, situated about 14 kilometres south of Opuwo on Thursday.

The animal looks like a dog, but officials at the departments of Wildlife and Conservation; and Veterinary Services could not identify it as such.

Owner of the goats, Johannes Kaarus told Nampa on Friday the strange animal started killing goats in the kraal at about 23h00 on Thursday.

The dog-like animal first killed the goats and then started eating the heads of three goats before it was killed by dogs and farmworkers inside the kraal.

“We heard the goats bleating and running around in the kraal, and the dogs barking outside. When we got to the kraal, we saw that strange animal in one corner of the kraal,” said Kaarus.

They entered the kraal and the dogs attacked the strange animal while farmworkers beat it with sticks until it died.

Kaarus said three goats of another farmer were also killed by an unknown animal last year.