Namibia: Soldier in Court for Fatally Shooting Bar Owner

A Namibian Defence Force member appeared in Ondangwa Magistrate's Court on Monday accused of the murder of a bar owner at Okanyofi cuca shops in Ohangwena Region.

The State alleges the accused, identified as Sakaria Mathias Amwaama, 46, stationed at Keetmanshoop Army Base, shot the owner of a bar who was also his neighbour at his home village of Ehafo. The fatal shooting occurred last Friday at midnight.

The incident happened while the bar owner, only known as Ndjaba, 38, was allegedly driving Amwaaama home, as he was drunk.

According to the Oshana Police Acting Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner Nico Steenkamp, Amwaama allegedly arrived at his home village of Ehafo in the early hours of Friday.

He then drove to Ondangwa. On his way back, he stopped at Okanyofi cuca shops at Ndjaba's bar where he had been drinking since 12h00 until 00h00.

By midnight, some customers allegedly started pleading with the bar owner that Amwaama should be taken home as he apparently appeared too drunk to drive by himself. Ndjaba then decided to take him home by driving his (Amwaama's) Ford Fiesta sedan.

As they were approaching the main road, Amwaama who was seated at the back behind the driver, allegedly pulled out his 7.6mm pistol, put is against the driver's seat and shot Ndjaba four times in the back, through the seat.

Ndjaba allegedly jumped out of the moving vehicle, but then died.

Amwaama then turned his pistol on a passenger who was seated in the front seat, and shot at him three times, before he (passenger) also jumped out of the moving vehicle. Luckily he was not struck by any of the bullets.

The vehicle moved at least 150 metres before it eventually came to a standstill on its own, according to Steenkamp.

The passenger ran to get the police and when the police arrived, Amwaama was still seated in the car as it seemed that he was too drunk to move. He was remanded in custody as he was denied bail.

Source: New Era