Namibia: Standard Bank’s Smart APP Makes Banking Convenient

With Standard Bank's Smart App customers can enjoy the benefits of a single Standard Bank ID that gives them access to banking, borrowing, savings, investments, insurance and online share trading.

"Customers can create separate customisable dashboards for their personal and business lives, all accessible from a smart app with one single Standard Bank ID," explained Channel Bradwyn Beukes, head of digital channels at Standard Bank.

Customers can personalise their banking experience by naming their accounts, customising their dashboards, and can add frequently used beneficiaries as favourites, saving frequent purchases as quick buys and naming and adding pictures to personalise their dashboards.

"We believe our customers deserve the best experience the digital world has to offer. This has been the driving force behind the creation of this new smart app platform," Beukes said.

The Standard Bank team took 18 months to develop this state-of-the-art smart app. Apart from a dedicated team looking after the security of the smart app, various features have been included to make it secure and tamper-proof.

These include validation of the email address you use to create your Standard Bank ID; two-step OTP authentication on all banking transactions; all data sent to and from the device is SSL encrypted; once the session ends customer data is not stored on the device; the device is locked on one user at a time; and

Electronic Account Payment (EAP) limits are used to prevent large funds transfers.

"Last year Standard Bank upgraded to a world-class system solution. The newly upgraded banking system enables us to offer more innovative products and services to our clients. Our Smart App is a result of the bank's advanced banking system," Beukes said.

"Digital banking is an exciting future and our new supporting technology is optimally geared to offer great new experiences to our customers. We will continue to build on our already rich electronic channel offering," he added.

Source: New Era